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eXtreme Scale Computing Initiative

A vision for eXtreme scale computing at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The eXtreme Scale Computing Initiative (XSCI) is building the capabilities needed to enable scientific advancements and breakthroughs in selected domain sciences through computational modeling and simulation on next-generation, extreme-scale computers.

The XSCI consists of an integrated research program with an interdisciplinary approach that brings together high-performance computer science and computational domain sciences to develop the next-generation, extreme-scale modeling and simulation applications. The research plan for this Initiative is focused on scalability, methodology accuracy, and fault resiliency through design, implementation, and evaluation of new algorithms for computer systems with capabilities beyond what is currently available. An important component is the evaluation of computational kernels on the very high end computer resources that are currently available, and the development of performance prediction models for next-generation, extreme-scale systems.

The objective of the XSCI is to integrate our computational sciences, computer science, and scientific data management expertise to enable extreme-scale applications to address the major scientific challenges in energy, climate, and the environment.

eXtreme Scale Computing Initiative

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Extreme Scale Computing Initiative

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